Straw wine is an exceptionnal wine :

To begin, the harvesting of the grapes is done exclusively by hand. This ensures that the finest grapes are used and are not undamaged in any way. Harvesting the grapes usualy starts in late September.

Next, the grapes are placed in small boxes wich have been lined with straw to dry. This stage lasts at least six weeks, during wich sixty percent of the water content of the fruit will disappear. The evaporation process gives the wine a more complex aroma and flavour.

As a matter of fact it will take seven or height kilograms of grape to produce one litre of Straw Wine !

The final stage, the pressing, is done shortly before Christmas. Straw Wine will will remain in vats for up to two years before been bottled at the vineyard.

The whole process at each stage is controled by a unique organisation the 'Appelation', wich allows only those producers who have complied with their stringent rules to use the VinPaille or Straw Wine Appelation Label on their bottles.