General sales conditions 

   Our prices are given in Euros, including all taxes and including WAT if it is relevant,
discount already deduced  but do not include transport costs wich vary according to the country of destination.
    Orders are not considered firm until the buyer has paid for them. The wines remain the our property until all corresponding outstanding amounts have been paid. Goods may be paid by chek. An invoice will be issued and sent in the package.

    Average delivery times  may vary according
to the country of destination.

   Any possible delay does not give the buyer the right to cancel the sale, to reject the goods or to claim damages.

   All liability for goods in transit corresponds to the addressee. Always check the package on arrival. You have 48 hours to claim any damage or missing goods from the shipping company.
    In accordance with the French consumer Code, the buyer has a period of 7 calendar days strarting from the delivery date to return the goods to the seller, either for exchange or refund, at no cost other than return shipping costs.
    All our offers are only valid if there is stock available, without obligation and provided it has not been sold.

   Any one ordering wine from us must therefore be at least 16 years of age. Alcohol abuse damages your health. Learn to drink and appreciate alcohol in moderation.

   All our personnal information is for our exclusive use. We don't sell or rent out our clients adresses or any personal details.